The services of dieticians are called upon for a range of purposes and situations. Some people may enlist the help of a dietician to help them change unhealthy eating habits and weight issues. Others may look for their help in creating meal plans that can improve a pre-existing medical condition or deficiency that they have. An important part of a dietician’s work is to inform clients of the potential risks and benefits of special foods and how eliminating or incorporating them into their diets can be beneficial.
Dieticians may also be consulted to help plan and oversee nutritional goals for families, schools, companies, hospitals and other institutions. They formulate meal plans that are based on their client’s objectives and practicability. For example, a hospital or other health based facility may enlist their help to create a meal plan that’s cost efficient, beneficial to their patients and meets mandated guidelines.

Exercise Physiologists do;

Exercise Physiologists assist in appropriate goal setting so that the client remains motivated and adheres to the tailor made program.